Cabbage lead singer Lee Broadbent denies claims of sexual assault at gig


Cabbage have denied claims their lead singer assaulted a female target market member at certainly one of their gigs.

A Woman who attended the Wednesday night time gig – however no longer the particular person mentioned to have been assaulted – claimed on social media to have viewed the incident.

The band strongly deny the accusations made in opposition to singer Lee Broadbent.

Nicole Rushworth mentioned Cabbage’s efficiency used to be negative and claims he used to be “so off his head” that he used to be unable to put off his personal guitar strap.

“Lead singer Lee Broadbent sexually assaulted a young lady at the convey,” she wrote on Twitter, adding that the young girl had been attending the show together with her dad.

“He proceeded to position his hand down his trousers, fondle himself, then rub his give up the lady, ragging on her hair,” she claims.

Kentish Town Forum

Picture caption The Kentish Town Forum is a 2,One Hundred person capability venue in north London

Nicole claims the dad made a complaint to security at the venue who then introduced Lee Broadbent to apologise, however she claims he “received aggressive” with the girl’s dad.

Cabbage had been assisting Kasabian when the incident used to be mentioned to have befell.

The venue, O2 Kentish Town Forum, would now not comment when Newsbeat contacted them.

Cabbage’s representative have yet to answer a request from the BBC for a observation but the band posted a response to the claims pronouncing they “deny the accusations put in opposition to Lee this morning,” however which proven a criticism had been made.

“His hands have been never down his trousers even supposing he did go right down to the barrier to engage with the crowd, as he does at all Cabbage displays,” it reads.

They claim he “took it on himself” to apologize to the one who made a complaint and shook arms with each the daddy and daughter in query.

The band says the complaints are “utterly unfounded” and that they’re shocked and deeply stricken with the aid of the “fabrications”.

They Say ” We Might never engage in any of the actions that this Tweet accuses us of”

A Number Of followers of the band have replied to Cabbage’s tweet to claim that in addition they witnessed the incident, while different lovers welcomed hearing the band’s response to the accusations.

A spokesperson for SafeGigs4Women says the charity has provided assistance to both the band and fans involved within the alleged incident.

“We Have Now now considered Cabbage’s observation, and We’d be at liberty to discuss the subject and problems with consent in the context of the artist/fan relationship throughout a gig with them if they are keen,” stated the charity in a statement given to Newsbeat.

“We’d additionally feel free to supply referrals to the girl and her father if they really feel the need for them, as we do everybody who comes to us.”

Scotland Yard tells Newsbeat that there was no file of this alleged incident to the police.

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