Do urban rap videos glamorise violence?

City rap videos will have to be closely monitored and even faraway from online systems corresponding to YouTube to save lots of lives, officials say. The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme met the rappers and administrators who say they’re simply describing their lives.

A rapper performs in entrance of a Lamborghini for a track video, no longer in a swanky studio however in the automobile park of some flats in east London.

As The engine revs, concerned residents peek out of the windows. Others get closer to the motion.

S-Rose, who modified his title from Scumz, was fascinated with gangs and has frolicked in prison.

The Car and location are supposed to replicate his transformation.

“I Will’t rap about the rest certain because I Haven’t considered more of that lifestyles yet, however I Will rap about what I’ve Been through and in truth let it exchange people. That Is the one method I Can express myself truly,” he says.

Filming the video is Pacman, who as well as producing on-line track videos runs his own YouTube platform, which profiles up-and-coming rappers.

He has in the past worked with gangs, however he wished to show every other facet of his work, the young song stars who wish to make an influence online. Some Of his videos have as many as 2.8 million views.

‘Deliver to the desk’

He began off filming some movies for pals, but his services are now well known throughout London.

This Is about extra than simply filming every Different with digicam telephones. Pacman makes use of drone cameras, top quality visuals and hires all different types of devices to make every video look as just right as that you can think of.

“It’s about them broadcasting themselves displaying what they’ve got to supply and what they bring about to the table. Everyone desires just right exposure at a excessive same old and that’s what I Am providing to them.”

Even Though he says he’s careful to remain out of any rivalries, his video shoots aren’t always drama-free.

“I Have Been filming Individuals and considered Individuals pull out some critical weapons. I’ve considered guys get shot but That Is at all times a personal issue, It’s by no means to do with me so I’m now not in particular scared however Clearly to a normal civilian or bystander it’ll be a serious scenario,” he says.

‘Inflicting tensions’

Without mentioning any explicit artists, the mayor of London’s office says it’s not focused on normal rap and tune videos but desires online retailers to do extra to eliminate fast those that embody excessive image content material.

Sophie Linden, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, mentioned: “Gangs are the use of YouTube to make very specific threats and intimidation and harassment and sometimes incite violence.”

She said some movies might look “fairly innocuous” to people who were not in gangs but the police were specialists at recognizing issues in films that had been Causing tensions.

YouTube rap movies have been stated within the murder of Marcel Addai, 18, who was once killed after a series of video exchanges between gangs in London erupted into violence. His 4 murderers had been sentenced to a combined Ninety Seven years in prison.

The Met Police says there has been an increase in movies glamorising gang violence and since the beginning of the 12 months, seven of the Sixteen movies it has flagged were eliminated.

Harsh truth

Even Though they may rap about it in their videos, not one of the Folks the BBC spoke to condones violence and so they all say they are not members of any gangs. Pacman says he knows where to draw the road in his videos.

“If You Film the rest that is too image or seriously ambitions an individual or neighborhood or the rest that is critically controversial, YouTube simply take it down,” he says.

“If It Is in all fairness, then truthful enough – but if anyone is just rapping and it is not violent or doesn’t attack somebody, it is unfair for that particular person to try to have their content material removed.”

Pacman says People make assumptions and wish to be shown that the movies he shoots characterize Folks doing one thing optimistic and trying to construct a business.

We also watch him Film a video for a rapper referred to as J Gang, in Brixton.

Pacman lets off a red smoke bomb at the back of the artist, who’s busy delivering his new monitor, Picks, all about warding off unhealthy decisions in life, and suddenly curious locals are gathered around to observe the impromptu music scene.

“I’ve got a variety of track talking about the streets. Folks like to look the terrible aspect of everything. I help the homeless, I lend a hand youths which are doing crime, in a technique that telling them it isn’t good to do the crime, try to get them into soccer. There are all varieties of issues that can get them into respectable issues,” J Gang says.

He says rapping about drugs and guns does no longer glamorise the way of life however reflects the “harsh fact of residing an illegal life”.

“It’s not an effective way to are living. Clearly Individuals die, Folks doing medicine – a number of issues come of it. So you can find the light to it but there is also a dismal to it. It Can Be me looking to talk to the Folks and make them keep in mind It’s now not all glamorous It Is now not all good,” he says.

Watch the Victoria Derbyshire programme on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC Information channel.

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