Senator Al Franken’s female colleagues call on him to resign

Six US Democratic senators have called on Senator Al Franken to resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

In separate statements launched virtually concurrently on Wednesday, the Democratic lawmakers said the Minnesota senator should step down.

Mr Franken, a former Saturday Night Time Are Living comedian, has been accused of groping and sexually harassing seven women, including a US armed forces veteran.

Mr Franken has apologised to his accusers, but disputes some claims.

Senators Kamala Harris, Claire McCaskill, Maggie Hassan, Mazie Hirono, Patty Murray, Kirsten Gillibrand – all prominent Democratic lawmakers – launched their statements on-line following a US media document that he allegedly attempted to forcibly kiss a former congressional aide in 2006.

Mrs Murray, the 1/3-absolute best ranking Democrat in the Senate, wrote: “It’s clear to me that this has been a deeply dangerous, continual problem and a transparent sample over an extended time period.”

“It’s time for him to step aside,” the Washington state representative mentioned on Twitter.

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