You Think I'm Weird Because I Travel Solo


Let me guess, you Suppose It Is Weird that I Commute the arena by myself. You Don’t Seem To Be the only one with those sentiments.


After I inform those that I Shuttle the arena solo, their first reactions are always terrible questions or comments:

“Do Not go there, Valerie. You Can be kidnapped!”

I Have Not been kidnapped or put in harm’s way, Because I’m sensible and i do my research and stay out of unhealthy eventualities.

“It’s so Bizarre that you just Shuttle by myself. Don’t Seem To Be you bored and lonely?”

No, I’m now not bored and lonely Touring by myself; I experience assembly new individuals and having time to replicate.

“Haven’t you ever viewed the film ‘Taken’?”

Yes, I’ve viewed “Taken.” I Believed it was slightly overly dramatic, did not you?

“Wouldn’t you quite go to Paris with someone you like?”

Sure, it will be good to Commute with any individual I Really Like; I’ll can help you be aware of Once I to find any person who can keep up with me.

“What do your folks think of all of this, Do Not they concern?”

Sure, my folks concern about me As A Result Of they care, but they do not fret a lot As A Result Of they comprehend I’m a powerful, able girl who can take care of herself.

To ask an much more vital question, will have to a girl be Touring the sector on my own? The Reply is Sure, every girl should Shuttle solo as a minimum once. Solo Trip is so a very powerful for me as a lady for many more causes than I might ever rely.


I didn’t set out to begin Touring the world on my own, it happened As A Result Of I acquired uninterested in waiting on indecisive and unreliable friends. If I didn’t go by myself, I should not have been to a fraction of the places I’ve been to. If I had a greenback for all of instances I Have handed up a Commute chance As A Result Of I waited on anyone else, I Would simply have sufficient for a flight to… any place, truly. I’ve seen virtually every surprise of the modern world, I Have traveled to locations with civil unrest and witnessed historical past, I Have dined with locals and made chums around the globe, whereas my pals sat at dwelling, drank their Starbucks and went to bars or house events.


Whilst You Shuttle alone you’re additionally extra open to different experiences and extra likelihood encounters. The Chums you meet Traveling deliver a different and fresh potential to your existence, and make you a better more tolerant, skilled individual via default. To develop into a strong girl, you additionally want to examine to be by myself. Being alone with your ideas can be good for you. It Can Be superb what you discover you like and dislike While You do not need others around to influence your resolution making course of.

Touring alone, exploring new places and experiencing new tradition will assist you to to reassess your individual values, priorities and beliefs. You Are Going To eliminate previous values and insert something higher. That Is called broadening your horizons.


Most Significantly, solo Shuttle builds self belief. Touring by myself forces you to step outside of you circle of remedy. It forces you to Suppose to your toes and make essential decisions. I Feel unbelievable figuring out that i’m in a position to navigating the arena alone. I enjoy succeeding in locations where others warn me to not go as a feminine solo tourist. I love to prove them improper. I Am smart; I Understand How to remain safe. Touring alone has made me realize the entire incredible things about myself, like my natural potential to make friends, my ability to maintain myself, and that I’ve an out of this world sense of direction. Once I come house, all of that self-consciousness turns into quite a lot of self belief, and that is a beautiful thing. What lady Doesn’t need more self belief whereas getting through her day-to-day life?


So, subsequent time you are about to make a terrible remark and discourage a woman from Touring alone because you overreact about her security, bring to mind the entire excellent issues you may be taking from her when you didn’t Encourage her to head. Inspire your entire female friends to Go Back And Forth solo, and they too could have broader minds, change into extra attention-grabbing loving folks, and Most Importantly grow to be strong confident girls.

Does Not this world want more of that?



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